The 5 Personality Patterns PDF has been sent to your email, and if you’d like to dive even deeper into creating deep and lasting transformation for your clients (and turning them into raving fans who refer all their friends) then I have a special invite for you…

The 5 Keys 

Live Masterclass

How to Create Deep & Lasting Transformation
for Your Clients!

This 90-Minute Live Training will Empower You with a Proven Method and Framework for Confidently Coaching Your Clients and Consistently Creating Change.

Join Us LIVE

Tuesday, April 2nd at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern)

If you’re a coach, healer or facilitator with a desire to serve and support more people at a higher level, and you want to feel even more confident in yourself and your coaching method, then this live masterclass is for you!

When You Attend You Will: 

  • Learn the 5-step framework and proven methodology for consistently creating client transformation, and confidently leading your clients through challenging obstacles, and uncomfortable change.


  • Unlock the secrets to break free from self doubt and serve your clients in a deeper and more powerful way than they’ve ever been served before, empowering you to feel fulfilled in your impact and turn your clients into raving fans who renew their contracts, and refer their friends. 

  • Receive trauma-informed coaching tools that will empower you with a proven process for serving your clients through their unconscious blocks and triggers while meeting them with empathy, understanding, and expertise.

  • Let go of confusion and discover how to navigate the complexities of coaching and facilitation with clarity and confidence so that you can powerfully support your clients through even the most challenging obstacles on their journey.

  • Learn how to powerfully serve your clients and cultivate a coaching practice that flows effortlessly for you all while preventing burnout and taking care of your own well being. When you take care of yourself first it allows you to fully show up for your clients.


  • Discover the 5 keys and strategies to amplify your coaching business, attract more devoted clients and expand your offerings to include group coaching and retreats so that you serve more people and create an even bigger impact in the world. 

If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, attract more clients, and create an even bigger impact in their lives, this training will empower you with the methodologies, frameworks and tools to do just that!

Tuesday, April 2nd at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern)

“The tools that I’ve learned in Mastery are some of my favorite, most powerful and most used tools.”

Becky Humphrey

Somatic Stress Relief Coach

“Before Mastery I always doubted myself. Now, my level of confidence has skyrocketed.”

Rachel Graham

Human Design & Somatic Healing

“I learned to trust and listen to my intuition which led to me selling out and leading my first retreat.”

Tara Brown

Feminine Embodiment Coach

About your Facilitator, Anat Peri

Anat is a masterful coach and facilitator who has devoted her life to empowering people to heal past traumas, overcome major life obstacles, build confidence, and create lasting change.

With over 19 years of experience and 10,000+ hours of focused training she now works with other coaches, healers and facilitators to integrate her TCS Method™ into their practices so that they can have a proven process for creating deep, real and lasting change for their clients.

Her TCS Method™ blends traditional healing arts and modern psychology, with somatic and inner child reparenting practices to solve the root cause of your major life challenges and condition you for the life you truly want to lead. 

Her approach to healing and personal growth isn’t just informative, it’s profoundly experiential and leads to true transformation.

So if you’re wanting to experience more confidence and success in sharing your message with the world and creating the impact you wish to make then register for “The 5 Keys” masterclass now!

This masterclass is brought to you by the TCS Method: A proven, reliable, repeatable method for creating lasting transformation in your life and your client’s lives. The method guides you through the TCS 5 Stages of Healing while utilizing the Pillars of Safety, Mind/Body Connection, Nervous System Regulation, and Inner Child Reparenting techniques.

If you have any questions about this masterclass, please email me at