Discover the Hidden Psychology that Will Empower You to Most Effectively Attract & Enroll New Prospects and Most Powerfully Serve Your Paying Clients!

Join Us for The 5 Personality Patterns
LIVE Masterclass

Monday, March 25th at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern)

If you’re a coach, healer or facilitator with a desire to serve and support more people at an even higher level this Live Masterclass is for you…

When You Attend You Will: 

  • Break free from the limitations of one-size-fits-all coaching approaches and unlock the full potential of your practice by customizing your strategies to meet the diverse needs and preferences of every client.


  • Learn how to quickly identify anyone’s pattern so that you can adapt your language & communication style to deeply resonate and connect with them.


  • Learn how to speak to each personality pattern in a way that creates an irresistible magnetic pull that draws them towards you, your programs and your services.


  • Discover how to improve your influence and persuasion by navigating prospects’ objections & resistance with finesse, and transforming resistant clients into raving fans who eagerly sing your praises and refer others to your services.


  • Develop a more holistic approach to your clients’ success by integrating the 5 Patterns psychology into your practice to ensure comprehensive support for every aspect of your clients’ journey.


  • Learn the top strategies for empowering your clients to break through limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns by speaking directly to the core desires and motivations of their pattern.

If you’re ready to unleash the power of the 5 Personality Patterns in your coaching practice so you can attract and enroll more clients and then serve them at a higher level than they’ve ever been served before, register for the masterclass now.

When you do, you’ll discover how this body of work will enable you to bring on more clients, get far more contract renewals, and enjoy an endless flow of referrals from all your happy clients who love and trust you.

Monday, March 25th at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern)

“Being in a masterclass with Anat was truly a blessing. She was able to provide such clarity &  understanding about myself, my inner child & the role of my mother/father. Being able to gain this insight has helped me better understand myself & even my parents. Anat is truly a gift to this world. I would recommend her to literally anyone!”

Hannah B.

“My experience in the healing seat with Anat was insane in the best way!

My biggest block that I’ve been working on for so long is my anxious attachment style and how it amplifies my self sabotaging behavior. Anat provided such a safe space for me to work through this – and I was able to recognize how much of my self sabotage came from my mom. When I was growing up, I saw that my mom neglected herself when she was alone, so I learned to do the same. She guided me through reparenting myself and I was able to rewrite the belief that I had to create chaos and sadness during my time alone.I learned how to nurture myself and be my own light instead of subconsciously viewing time by myself as destructive❤️”


“I joined the group call that Anat facilitated and it has been the opening door to my healing. She guided me through the felt experience versus the mind, and we reached the deep roots of my limiting beliefs. After the call I found myself saying “I am safe”, and actually feeling my body taking me to a feeling of safety, when before, I would say it but didn’t feel it in my body or heart. I have attended a few of these sessions now and I can see my life transforming through just these sessions. I now have clarity, peace and a different calm than I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

Miriam L.

“This call was a refreshing oasis where Anat immediately set a tone of peace, complete acceptance, support and trust. I have not consistently experienced anything else like it, in person or digitally. I have followed Anat for years, heard her interviews and podcasts, and I was shocked to see how openly and willingly she shared her unique system of transformation with complete strangers during this call. I was amazed at how much time she was able to spend with each person needing assistance, and how she never seemed to be drained or irritated at the constant issues participants brought up for support. I left the call feeling supported, seen, heard, and valued and I would recommend this to anyone.”

Bethaney C.

About your Facilitator, Anat Peri

Anat is a masterful coach and facilitator who has devoted her life to empowering people to heal past traumas, overcome major life obstacles, build confidence, and create lasting change.

With over 19 years of experience and 10,000+ hours of focused training she now works with other coaches, healers and facilitators to integrate her TCS Method™ into their practices so that they can have a proven process for creating deep, real and lasting change for their clients.

Her TCS Method™ blends traditional healing arts & modern psychology, with somatic experiencing & inner child reparenting practices in order to solve the root cause of people’s major life challenges and condition them for the life they truly want to lead. 

Her approach to training, certification and personal growth isn’t just informative, it’s profoundly experiential and leads to true transformation.

So if you’re wanting to experience more confidence and success in sharing your message with the world and creating the impact you wish to make then join her the the 5 Personality Pattern masterclass now!

This masterclass is brought to you by the TCS Method: A proven, reliable, repeatable method for creating lasting transformation in your life and your client’s lives. The method guides you through the TCS 5 Stages of Healing while utilizing the Pillars of Safety, Mind/Body Connection, Nervous System Regulation, and Inner Child Reparenting techniques.

If you have any questions about this masterclass, please email me at