Hi, I’m Anat and I spent my life hiding and shrinking myself.


How I lived my life was that everything was good, everything was great.

I came off confident, strong, and intense,

but I was covering up how I really felt…

Alone, anxious and insecure 

For years, being with myself and my emotions was the last place I wanted to be.  It felt hollow, unsafe and I became dependent on others to fill that space. I constantly shrunk myself to please others and that spiraled into scarcity, anxiety and overwhelm. All while giving off the persona that everything is good, everything is great.

I had all this knowledge and awareness, but after 8 years of mindset tools and positivity work, I realized I had only been trimming the weeds. My life was still a mess. I was in a 5 year codependent relationship, 40k in debt, no self love or self respect and felt completely lost in my career.

I was slowly falling into a depression, because I was so misaligned. The life I was living was not a happy one. 

I was waiting and wanting to be saved, when I finally realized the necessary truth.

No one can save me but myself

It was a scary transition to leave NYC, the job, the relationship and move across the country to San Diego with $2000 to my name, but I chose to follow my heart’s desire. 

Fast forward to today…

I am married to an incredible loving man who adores, respects and continues to create a safe space for me to open my heart and be vulnerable.

I have learned how to love myself deeply, take care of my own needs and set boundaries.

I have directly impacted hundreds of lives through Training Camp for the Soul. Literally marriages, books, businesses, fulfilling lives, and babies have all been created by my clients…


Imagine the ripple effect of you choosing you!

Imagine the ripple effect of you choosing you

When you realize you have the power to save yourself, you start choosing you

You choose to take the leap into the unknown 

You choose to finally do what your heart desires

You choose to do the deep trauma healing work with great mentors

You choose to love yourself

My heartfelt invitation to you, for you, and for the sake of humanity…

When you CHOOSE YOU, it may be scary, it may be challenging, it may be painful to face the parts of you that you’ve rejected and heal your past experiences that have held you back

When you CHOOSE YOU, you are giving yourself access to the freedom, power and deeper connection that you crave, ultimately allowing you to live the life you desire. 

…THIS is necessary, because you are a part of the whole, your life matters, and it will create a positive ripple effect in the world.

What Clients Are Saying… 

“Before TCS I was feeling hopeless, fatigued, stuck in my head, and so confused in many areas of my life. Now I am able to access grace and trust in myself, and feel calmer and more centered day to day. The program doesn’t solve your problems for you or tell you what to do, it helps you get to a place where you feel empowered to move through them in a way that serves YOU. One of my favorite things was how individualized it was. We didn’t just get info to read, we got specific support on what we were working through.”

~ Ryan Autumn

“TCS helped me change my life. Years of trial and error, Years of feeling stuck and frustrated. TCS gave me the tools and space to take a truly supported journey into my inner space, reconnecting me to my heart, community and purpose!!”

~ Byran Raymond

“I am raw and vulnerable. I feel more present. I am aware of the ways I abandon emotions that are not acceptable to me. Before, I accepted my life as an unyielding cage. Now I can see that there is a door and it is up to me to open it.”

~ Alisha Roff

” I could never have imagined myself leading others due to my extreme introvertedness but I started a women’s breath work class and started teaching kung fu classes. My whole life goal before was more centered on accumulating material possessions which was an empty goal and after the retreat I realized life is so much more about experiences and people rather than things.

~ Michelle Oates

” I cannot thank you enough for the support and incredible education you gave me. My close friends and family have commented that I am a different person now. After over a decade of depression, feeling that life is heavy and very serious, I had 3 people in one day comment on how I always am smiling and seem genuinely happy. I love my job. I love my life. There is not one part of my life that did not tremendously improve after TCS. Everything is better.

~ Bethany Clark

Meet the Team


TCS® Lead Master Facilitator

Meet our Lead Master Facilitator Jamie Clark. Her experience spans several fields, all which come back to a common thread of helping people get over their fears to live with more joy and ease. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, she has almost a decade of experience in corporate leadership roles.

Passionate about authentic expression and bringing joy and laughter to any room she is in, Jamie’s helped build an improv theatre and teaches new and advanced students in the art of improv comedy. Trained as a Reiki practitioner, a trauma informed coach, and a Human Design reader, Jamie combines her experience across several disciplines in her facilitation style. She splits her time between Northern Virginia,  Reno. Nevada, and traveling in her camper van all over the country.


TCS® Master Facilitator

Amanda Curry is a trauma informed transformational coach and breathwork facilitator with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

She serves as a Master Facilitator for Training Camp for the Soul and has a fierce commitment to supporting moms who struggle with regulating their nervous system. As a wife and mother, she has seen first hand the power of the TCS method and seeks to support women who feel that they are too much and are tired of living in shame and denial of their true essence.


TCS® Master Faciliator

Meet Bryan Raymond, TCS® Master Facilitator and Certified TRE® Provider. With over 30 years of experience living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bryan understands the challenges of chronic pain and its impact on emotional, mental, and physical health. He’s committed to supporting his clients in questioning their limitations and letting go of tension, stress, trauma, beliefs, and patterns that hold them back.

Rooted in his own personal journey, Bryan’s approach is safe, trauma-informed, and knowledgeable. He guides clients to regulate their nervous system, heal inner child wounds, and reconnect with their feelings. By doing so, they can experience profound healing and transformation, leaving chronic pain behind and stepping into a new reality of their own creation.


Breathwork Facilitator

Nate Baumgardner is a TCS™ Master Facilitator, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, InFLAUX breathwork coach, and Level 2 Enlifted Coach. Nate raises the global frequency through his energy healing, plant medicine facilitation, breathwork, and integration coaching. Through his program Innate Flow Micro-dosing Mastery, he mentors entrepreneurs, supporting them in building a sacred and empowering relationship with psychedelic medicines, to serve the evolution of our collective consciousness. In the TCS community, Nate leads breathwork circles to guide participants in using conscious breath to create non-ordinary states for deep levels of healing and expansion.

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