It’s time to say YES to you! Choose you and Reclaim your power. 

Everything that you desire is on the other side of you choosing YOU, all of YOU!

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Activating the Wisdom Within Guided Meditation

This meditation will help you to feel centered and grounded so that you can connect with the three brains in the body – the intuitive gut brain; the heart brain and the intellectual brain. Tap into your inner wisdom and discover the answers that are right for you.

Welcome home, by landing on this page you have already started to choose you.

I know it can feel scary, edgy, unknown and doubtful. I am here to hold you through all of that. Cause I’ve walked this journey, I know this path well, and I am here to guide you home.

I invite you to choose the parts of you that you’ve rejected, choose your pain, choose your sorrow, choose your past experiences, choose to be the one, choose your life, choose to reclaim your power.

‘All of you’ is welcome here. 

It’s time to journey home and uncover who you truly are  

You have so much potential that your soul has yet to tap into.

Stop surviving, escaping, and tolerating what’s unfulfilling to you. Stop abandoning yourself and giving your power away to others. 

It’s time for you to choose you!



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Hi, I’m Anat

For years, being with myself and my emotions was the last place I wanted to be.  It felt hollow, unsafe and I became dependent on others to fill that space. I constantly shrunk myself to please others and that spiraled into scarcity, anxiety and overwhelm. 

I was 8 years into mindset work, and still experiencing the same struggles. Until I learned the wisdom of the body.

This began my journey home to myself

Through my own transformation and years of study as a trauma-informed coach, I’ve combined mindset, somatic healing, and inner child re-parenting to create Training Camp for the Soul™ . For almost a decade, I’ve guided hundreds through the process of mastering the wisdom of their body and emotions to choose to live the life they desire with ease, instead of force and sacrifice.

“Anat has the power and gift to challenge you in a loving way for you to rise”

Valerie Viramontes

What Clients Are Saying… 

It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It catapulted me into true inner work that I continue today and it connected me with an amazing community of supportive and wonderful people

Julia Blackwell

I describe TCS as a once in a lifetime experience. It was the hardest thing for me to commit to and start (I had a hard time believing I was worth the financial investment) but it was THE most rewarding experience of my life. Sara and I lovingly refer to TCS as “feelings class”. TCS taught us how to better communicate with each other, express our wants and needs and to truly understand the difference between feeling “unsafe” and “safe” in our bodies.

Ashley Riek

I often felt numb before. Wondering why I couldn’t cry or mourn when something sad happened in my life, like when my grandmother passed away, who I loved very much. Now there have been moments in my life where I am overwhelmed with love for my wife and kids during routine parts of our day. It feels good to feel.

Andrew Frezza

Training Camp for the Soul was a major catalyst in healing a serious patterns than kept me in chaos in many areas of my life, specifically in my business. I can now say that one year later, I’m operating my business successfully, I have a full list of happy clients, and I’m so excited for my future. I no longer experience chaos, I experience a peace that had led me to so much possibility and open doors. Thank you Anat!”

 Lauren Nicole Peters

TCS gets to the ROOT. I’ve don’t a lot of work and have become aware of my trauma. I know it. I know it exists but I continued to live with it and in it. With TCS I learned how to truly tap into that trauma and unlock it from the inside out.

Mallory Jax

The TCS Signature Methodology  

I created the TCS Method because I believe we all have the ability to live a life where we feel connected and safe within and with others and reclaim our power to be the creators of our reality.  

The core pillars of Training Camp for the Soul are Safety, Connection and Nervous System Regulation and Inner Child Re-parenting.  With these foundational pillars, I teach and support you through the 5 Stages of Healing to learn how to embrace life’s challenges with more ease and claim the life you desire.

My signature methodology will help you stop trimming the weeds, and get to the roots of who you really are.

Explore the 5 Stages of Healing


1. Awareness

Bringing conscious awareness to the triggers, behaviors, patterns and limiting beliefs that are arising in your body and mind and affecting your ability to stay present, conscious, and in your heart.

2. Acceptance

The process of accepting what happened, what you’re feeling or what is happening as what is. Free of judgment – good/bad. And fully experiencing it from a place of love, compassion, curiosity and patience.

3. Uncovering the Root

  • Becoming aware of where and when the nervous system went into a sympathetic response creating an open loop. 
  • Learning how to observe and be with an experience in your body and mind at the level of sensation, and at times revisiting an earlier memory to connect to the experience that your nervous system is still holding and observe it from the somatic experience 
  • Closing the loop happens when you are able to reconnect to that experience with the TCS™ tools, and your nervous system has the opportunity to fully process the experience and complete the dysregulated loop.

4. Replacing

As your nervous system regulates and the old beliefs and triggers are acknowledged, there is now space for new beliefs. Allowing the inner wisdom of that space to declare what is possible and available now as a new belief.

5. Integration/ Stabilization

Taking the new belief statement that was declared and making it real in the world.

Identifying what actions to take, and possible learnings needed. The progress is made through the repetition of practicing and acting out the new belief, catching yourself when you lose that alignment and coming back to alignment in less time until it’s fully stabilized.

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