TCS Mastery Facilitator’s Training

October 2nd 2023

Are you a coach, therapist, healer

and you know you want to make the biggest difference in your clients’ lives but you feel limited by the knowledge, training and tools that you have? 

Are you ready to get out of your own and let go of the pressure to solve or fix your clients and step more into being the guide, vessel and safe space for your client to deeply transform with ease?

I created the Mastery Faciliator’s Training to give coaches, healers, therapists access to what I wish I had when I began this journey 18 yrs ago. A chance to embody healing and guide others to theirs in the deepest way…

This journey will give you the skill set by first embodying the transformation yourself and then gaining energetic mastery by understanding the psychological and spiritual threads of  your clients needs so that you can support them in the deepest way possible. 


It’s time to deepen the impact that you came here to make, step fully into alignment with yourself, and get your clients lasting results with confidence and ease.

is a 6 months journey to train you to become a masterful trauma-informed coach. By utilizing The TCS Method™ you will confidently guide your clients in rapidly alleviating mental and emotional stress, allowing for their optimal growth and expansion.

The TCS Method™ is a full body/mind connection approach. I believe we need both the understanding of the body and mind working cohesively together to create the deepest lasting transformation. 

The TCS Method™ is the process of taking clients through the TCS 5 Stages of Healing by utilizing the pillars of safety, connection, nervous system regulation and inner child reparenting. 

“Mastery was a phenomenal program. I grew tremendously as a coach, partner, businesswoman, and more. Over the course of the training, I met my partner, moved into my dream home, and started my own business. When I finally took the leap, I made 35k in the first 3 months of operating. I feel more confident than ever, and my business reflects that. Anat and Jaime make an incredible team. I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to take their coaching career seriously. This program is what will get you lasting results for your clients, and true alignment for yourself and your life.” 

Bryn Daylor

Do you struggle with …

  • Getting your clients results, but find yourself limited to personal experiences and willful determination that leave you burned out and depleted
  • Knowing you have something to do or say when a client hits big emotions, but not knowing what to do with big emotions
  • Feeling like you are an imposter in your coaching practice and that you need more experience in the work that you do
  • Questioning yourself and worrying that you don’t have the right frameworks makes you freeze on calls with clients
  • Being triggered or excessively empathetic and sensitive to your client’s energy
  • Feeling that you are going in circles with your clients, addressing the same issues over and over again
  • Being great at marketing and business, but feel like you are missing the skills to get your clients lasting transformation 
  • You are in teaching mode, giving your clients information and homework, but feel that your clients are stuck and so are you.

  • Not knowing what to do next with a client, and turning to Google.

This is for you if …


You want to know with certainty that you can support your clients at any point in their journey without getting stuck, imposter syndrome, or getting triggered

You want to feel more confident in your abilities as a facilitator

You want to become trauma-informed and incorporate the deepest healing & transformation possible for your clients

You want to fully embody your transformation to awaken any & all of your gifts

You’re a coach, therapist, healer, or facilitator who feels “not qualified” enough

You want to get your clients lasting results

You want to learn different methods of relating and healing the inner child


  • Utilizing comprehensive mind/body integrated framework to help your clients transform their lives
  • Becoming masterful at a somatic technique and supporting your clients beyond surface-level coaching
  • Supporting your clients on a deeper level because you are able to regulate your own nervous system responses in real-time
  • Increasing the amount of referrals you get, because you are getting your clients the deepest transformation
  • Feeling confident in your offerings
  • Providing a space for your clients to feel heard, seen, and safe, to release what is holding them back 
  • Embodying what you are guiding your clients through

  • Expanding your community of like-minded practitioners 

“I feel so much more confident working with clients somatically. I feel deeply capable of helping support clients through all of their varying emotions, conflict, and challenges. I feel way more competent working with clients in person. And overall I trust myself more as a coach.”

Bryn Daylor

By the end of the 6 months training you will…

  • Be masterful at intuitively guiding others through our countless tools and methods for inner and outer transformation
  • Have undergone your own inner and outer metamorphosis
  • Coach anyone independent of your niche, through a transformational process with confidence and depth
  • Feel competent to facilitate in person as well as virtually
  • Hold impeccable space and know how to guide people through their stuckness
  • Feel confident navigating trauma, triggers, and the big emotional challenges clients go through in a safe way
  • Know how to ask the right questions, be comfortable in the silence and say less
  • Help your clients navigate stress and regulate their nervous systems

  • Form lifelong friendships with a soul family of like-hearted leaders who will support, collaborate, and walk this path beside you

The Prominent Elements


Live Training Calls

Experience weekly large group calls led by Anat & Master Coach Jamie,  small  bi-weekly cohort calls to ensure you have multiple opportunities to learn and practice your coaching skills.

Training Materials

Receive weekly training modules to support your evolution and embodiment as a coach. Modules include audio and video trainings, integrative practices, sample sessions, guest teachers, and more.

Coaching Mastery & Practicum

Anat will teach you her signature methods for expertly facilitating client’s transformation, and have the opportunity to practice these skills with fellow coaches and practicum clients. After the sessions, you’ll receive personalized coaching feedback from the TCS™ Master coaches. 

Mastery Facilitator's 5 Day Retreat - Ojas Retreat Center, CA

Learn about in-person energetics, challenge and stretch your nervous system beyond what you knew was possible, and take your confidence to the next level. Receive real-time feedback from Master coaches to uplevel yourself and your skills as a facilitator.

Experience Personalized Attention and First-Class Support

At our small group experience, we provide first-class training with a maximum of 21 people. Expect lots of hands-on learning and an unforgettable experience.


A safe space to grow, learn, and collaborate with other practitioners in the Mastery Program.

“The retreat was an incredible opportunity for me to step to my edge as a facilitator, and meet my archetypes in a way I still carry with me as I evolve in my practice.”

Nate Baumgardner

Modalities you will learn:

  • The TCS Method
  • Parts Therapy & Techniques
  • Inner Child Reparenting
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Tracking & attunement
  • Energetic mapping
    Breathwork & Movement

  • And much more!

“I’ve done a bunch of other types of coaching training since the Mastery program and the tools that I’ve learned in mastery are still some of my favorite and most used tools in my coaching practice.”

  Becky Humphrey

 What’s Included


What Graduates Are Saying… 

“Before doing TCS Mastery I was coaching full time in my business and easily attracting great clients, but I often doubted myself and questioned if I was good enough… I would get off group calls overthinking how I led the call and my clients. Since completing TCS Mastery, my level of confidence has skyrocketed

TCS Mastery allowed me to implement somatic healing into my coaching services and I was able to connect it to what I was doing previously (human design & manifestation) so that my clients can learn how to embody their human design and manifest lives they love. 

A year after starting Mastery, not only is my business thriving but I’m living in a city I love. I feel deeply connected to my community, my romantic relationship has gotten stronger, and I’m the most confident I’ve ever felt

To anyone thinking of joining TCS Mastery, this is not only a great opportunity if you want to become a coach or you want to learn how to better support your clients, it’s a wonderful experience to receive personal support and grow deeply as an individual.

~Rachel Graham, Human Design Embodiment Coach

“The Training Camp for the Soul Mastery program was absolutely transformational for me. I went into the program, thinking that I wanted to just develop myself further and continue my own healing journey, and I got so much more than that. 

I really found that I love coaching and it changed my career path from a traditional corporate job in finance, to being an entrepreneur and a coach now.

I ended a long term romantic relationship. I moved to Costa Rica, and all of this was possible because of the container of the Mastery program and the deeper work that I did in there. 

Also, I’ve done a bunch of other types of coaching training since the Mastery program and the tools that I’ve learned in mastery are still some of my favorite and most used tools in my coaching practice.

So if you are on the fence, thinking about the Mastery program, I would just encourage you to dive in and see how your life can change.”

~Becky Humphrey, Coach 

“TCS Mastery in the beginning was a continuation of my own personal healing and embodiment. I pushed a lot of edges in Mastery, leaving my job being one of them. I found my voice and confidence as a leader. I learned to trust and listen to my intuition. I went from second guessing myself every step of the way to becoming a leader. I am now  co-leading a retreat in February, and leading in person group experiences for people to heal. I continue to use the tools on a daily basis — and without them I know I would still feel like a shell of a human, always looking outside of me to feel good. Mastery created a space for me to practice leading, holding space, and guiding others and it is the foundation for how I do and will continue to support others on their healing journeys.”

~Tara Brown

“In TCS Mastery I gained the ability to dive deeper into the tools that TCS offered. Now, I sit here both equipped and inspired to facilitate others along their journey towards healing. This program not only increased my capacity to be with some of my deepest edges but also equipped me to guide others in a safe and ethical manner. I can not thank Anat and her Master coaches enough for holding space for our personal growth and for sharing their expertise and skills so that we can bring this work out into the world where it is so clearly needed.” –

~Amanda Curry

“I felt like I was running around in circles with my clients, talking about the same issues every week. My clients were getting results and they liked and trusted me, but I had so much empathy for their experience that I wasn’t able to cut through the bullshit and get them out of their head and into their body. Joining TCS mastery gave me the tools I needed to help them get through their blocks” 

~Jamie Clark