The Soul Liberation Retreat

Immerse yourself in the Evolution of your life

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June 7-11th 2023

San Diego

The Oaks Center









Have you ever felt that you are still playing small, stuck in your fears and not knowing how to get past them?

Craving community, yet scared to trust others?

On a deep level you know you are destined for more but you just don’t know how to take that leap. Feeling that now as an adult you are limited in choosing what you trully want for yourself because of all the ways you were conditioned by our environment?

The Soul Liberation Retreat is a 4 Day Immersive journey where you’ll experience being held in community as you  dive into your biggest fears, unwanted behaviors and finally quiet the mind of negative stories.  Step into the fullest version of yourself and deeply connect with your soul community.

This is for you if you…..

 You’ve done all the mindset work, shadow work and you still feel stuck and are ready to move into action and experience your full potential

You are tired of feeling empty, alone, and always in search of the missing piece 

You have unprocessed trauma that is causing you to live a life where your default reaction is fear, survival, and control

You crave community, connection and fulfillment in your life

There is this deep inner knowing that you have untapped potential

Desire to heal the relationship you have to others

Gain the most valuable insights into the most important person in your life…YOU

You feel unfulfilled by your work – ready to step into your life’s purpose 

Ready to get out of your own way

Wanting to experience receiving love from yourself, and others

If You Felt A YES To Any Of The Above, Then This Retreat Was MADE FOR YOU.


Receiving support in real time to tend to the deeper parts of your trauma while being held. 

Uncovering how you’ve been conditioned by your environment 

Fully seeing, loving and accepting yourself 

No longer needing validation from others to be yourself

Learning new pathways of being and bringing it back to your daily life

Meeting people for the first time, and instantly feeling soul family

Practicing  the somatic skills of TRE™ and Breathwork collectively and experience your nervous system reset

Experiencing belonging 

Healing your fear of being seen by others

Feeling safe to be yourself 

Learning how to experience life the way you want to feel it and doing that for yourself.

The Retreat Center

What Graduates Are Saying… 

“My experience with TCS was the best experience of my life, in that it brought me more in touch with myself and gave me everything I was hoping for and much more. Ive been a very intellectual person. To experience the retreat and then integrating it, it has been the most beautiful and transformational experience. My soul family feels connected on such a deep level that goes beyond location and time. “

~ Sean Bastock

“Needed help getting out of a rut and out of my own way. Before coming, I knew I wanted to feel expressed, and just feel more. And didn’t take very long at all to accomplish that at the retreat. I now can accept love from others, my husband and myself. Theres so much available to me now. I can be out of my own way and be the best partner to my husband.”

~ Kristen Davis

“I came into TCS with the fear of becoming a father. I’m leaving the program knowing who I am, what I am capable of, with love for myself, love for others. More love for my mother and father, understanding and accepting their traumas and limiting beliefs. I am being the husband and I will be the father that my soul knows I can be.”

~Daniel Heaney

“I am so grateful for my life-changing experience at Training Camp for the Soul. I have gained the most valuable insights into the most important person in my life: me. The incredible week with Anat and her team has led me to heal myself and my relationships. I’ve grown closer than ever with my husband. My son told me that after the retreat, I have been “1,000 times better than ever before.” I am so grateful for the experience and all of the support I have received during the retreat and afterward as I returned home to my life and family.”

~Jorgia Wooten

 What’s Included

The Schedule 

Day 1 – Grounding

3pm- 4pm – Check in and get settled

4-6pm – Opening ceremony & intention setting

6-7pm – Nourishing dinner 

7-8pm – Preparation for individual Healing Seats

8-9:30pm – TRE™ (Trauma & Tension Release) exercise intro and practice

Day 2 – Community Expansion

7-8am – Movement & Breathwork 

8-9am – Breakfast

9-9:30am – Group discussion

9:30- 1pm – Breakout groups – Healing seats w/Facilitator

1-2pm – Lunch Break

2-2:30pm – Group Discussion

2:30-4pm – Men’s Breakout Group – Masculine Embodiment

2:30-4pm – Women’s Breakout Group – Feminine Embodiment

4-5pm – Masculine & Feminine Relating

5-6pm- Free time

6-7pm – Dinner Break

Day 3 – Intimacy

7-8am – Movement & Breathwork 

8-9am – Breakfast

9-9:30am – Group discussion

9:30- 1pm – Breakout groups – Healing Seats w/Facilitator

2-2:30pm – Group Discussion

2:30 – 3:30pm – Non-Violent Communication

3:30 – 5pm – Sound Healing Cacao Ceremony

5-6pm – Free time

6-7pm – Dinner Break

7-8pm – Group Discussion

8-9:30pm – Intimacy & Sex talk

9:30-10pm – TRE™ practice

Day 4 – Integration

7-8am – Movement & Breathwork 

8-9am – Breakfast

9-9:30am – Group discussion

9:30- 1pm – Breakout groups – Hot seats w/Facilitator

1-2pm – Lunch Break

2-2:30pm – Group Discussion

2:30-4pm – Hike in nature – Integration Talk

4-5pm – Solo time in nature – Vision 2.0 of you!

5-6pm – Free time

6-7pm – Dinner

7-8pm – Group Discussion

8-9pm – Closing Ceremony

9-10pm – Talent Show

10-12pm – Dance party

Day 5 – Expansion

7-8am – Movement & Breathwork

8-9am – Breakfast

9-11am – Shuttle pick up and HUGS!




At the Oaks Center in Ramona, California, your stay will include breath-taking, panoramic views, the perfect place to immerse yourself in healing and peace. The rooms are double occupancy with private bathrooms


We honor the value of eating nourishing foods while healing your soul. During your stay, we offer chef-prepared meals in a buffet-style setting to connect with the community. We are happy to accommodate any food allergies or sensitivities.


Shuttles are provided. The retreat center is 1 hour from San Diego Airport.

Tools used in the process


Nervous System Regulation

Somatic Psychotherapy

Sound Healing Cacao Ceremony

Non-Violent Communication

Inner Child Reparenting

Feminine/ Masculine Embodiment



Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

Foundations of Sex & Relational Intimacy

Improv/Creative Play

One on One

Healing Seats 

Vision Casting


Here are some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to enroll?

The deadline to enroll is May 17th, 2023 but we may sell out. We highly recommend enrolling at least two weeks in advance so that you can begin to implement the pre-retreat modules and see results immediately.

How many times a year is this offered?

The retreat is offered once per year.

Will I be sharing a room?

Yes, we will partner you with someone of the same sex in a double room. You each will have a double size bed. You can request your own room, for an additional cost.

Which airport do we fly into?

San Diego International Airport

How do I get to the retreat center from the airport?

We provide shuttles to the retreat center between 1:30-2pm on the first day and between 8:30am and 10 am on the last day. Plan your flights to arrive by 1pm on the first day and fly out after 12 pm on the last day.

Is there a prerequisite to attending the in-person retreat?

The only prerequisite is a pre-retreat module. It will take you no more than 2 hrs and will set you up for the retreat.