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 Gain The Tools To Restore Trust, Connection And Safety From Within And Reclaim Your Power.

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It’s not who you are, it’s what you learned, and if you learned it, you can unlearn it.

You are the writer, director, producer and actor of the movie called your life. You are always playing out your script and casting others to play roles in your movie.

It’s time to become the editor and creator…

The Soul Collective is a journey of unlearning so that you can:

Stop playing small and expand your capacity to….

  • Be present
  • Navigate big difficult feelings
  • Assert boundaries in a way that is compassionate and open hearted
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Get free from programming that is not supporting your truest self
  • Follow your heart and play a bigger game

The Soul Collective is for you if…

  • You’ve tried mindset work and shadow work — and yet, you still feel stuck and you’re ready to move into action and experience your full potential
  • You often feel overwhelmed by your rollercoaster emotions and overthinking mind
  • You are ready to leave behind the self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you small
  • You are tired of feeling empty, alone, and always in search of the missing piece
  • You have unprocessed trauma that is causing you to live a life where your default reaction is fear, survival, and control
  • You crave community, connection and fulfillment in your life
  • You find yourself operating in go go go mode, and want more balance and ease in your life
  • There is this deep inner knowing that you have untapped potential

If you felt a YES to any of the above, then The Soul Collective was MADE FOR YOU!

Consider This

Your soul came here for more than what you are currently allowing yourself to receive. This is your sacred invitation to put in the work, release the old identity, and restore trust, connection and safety from within and reclaim your power.



  • Feeling confident when you look in the mirror, having a healthy relationship with food, sex, substances, and your body image
  • Feeling confident to express your needs, ask for what you want and set boundaries
  • Having a beautiful community of powerful like minded, conscious people who support you and your wins
  • Feeling at home, safe and connected to your body
  • Taking up space without trying to fit into anyone else’s experience
  • Reclaiming your power…. that looks like saying NO to playing small, being a victim or blaming others

After years of being coached and mentored in different areas of life, I finally feel like a finished skyscraper thanks to Anat’s work. There will always be improvements and other levels to add to this skyscraper we’ve built but it’s better than thinking that I am a pile of unused material at ground zero. Anat’s work has provided me the tools I needed to feel the fullness of my emotions which has impacted how I feel my intuition. I’ve officially stepped into my power! I recommend The Soul Collective to anyone who’s looking for deeper healing.


“I quit my corporate job last month to start my own nutrition consulting company! It’s been a long road of feeling unfulfilled in corporate America, knowing I was destined and capable of so much more. I fought over the last 6 months to overcome the fears, worries, and insecurities and I made the decision to go all in on myself and my business. I learned that I can’t ignore my life’s purpose and the role I’m meant to play in this world to heal and help others do the same. It was only me and my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Thank you for the foundation I needed to step into this new role.”


introducing the tcs method™

How Does The Soul Collective Work?

The TCS Method is a foundational approach that transcends traditional healing methods. It goes beyond merely addressing your “issues” and unlocks the dormant potential within you. Our mission is to empower you with a solid foundation, equipping you to navigate life’s future challenges with confidence and seize all of its opportunities with ease.

At the heart of the TCS Method lie four core pillars: Safety, Connection, Nervous System Regulation, and Inner Child Re-parenting. These foundational principles guide our approach as we lead you through the 5 Stages of Healing. With our guidance and support, you’ll learn how to embrace life’s challenges effortlessly and lay claim to the life you truly desire.


Pillar 1: Safety

Safety is the foundation of healing and without it we cannot expand. We will explore what it feels like to truly feel safe in your body. This is where you’ll be gifted embodiment practices and guided breathwork journeys to cultivate safety within your body. This will give you the ability to move through all of your stored traumas and emotions. You’ll learn the tools to process everything from sadness, grief, anger & rage, to bliss, joy, pleasure & happiness.

By connecting to your full range of emotions you’ll create the space to build a relationship with your inner child by reparenting yourself to get your unique needs met.

Pillar 2: Connection

Connection is the process of bringing together the body and mind. When the body takes the lead, the natural wisdom of the nervous system can start to process, heal and repattern itself leading to a new foundation, giving access to more energy, more connection to self and others. By developing and deepening a relationship with your emotions, your body will begin to access an intelligence much wiser and more ancient than that of your thinking mind.

Pillar 3: Nervous System Regulation

Anything that is causing you disharmony, disruption in your day to day life is often correlated to a negative somatic experience from your past, leaving an open loop. Learning how to safely connect back to the somatic experience will support in closing the loop. When you give your body permission to process the trapped emotions, the nervous system can rewire, regulate, and reverse your past experiences.

Pillar 4: Inner Child Reparenting

Inner Child Reparenting is the process of becoming aware of unconscious learning that you were imprinted with by what mom and dad modeled to you in your early developmental years. Explore the impact this has on your inner dialogue and behaviors in the key areas of your development. Through unlocking the unconscious learning, you will have access to unlearn and reparent the inner child.

What’s Included

  • 4 months group virtual program
  • 15 curated modules (Lifetime access)
  • 2hr weekly group calls led by Anat with Healing Seat support
  • TRE™ and Breathwork classes
  • Pop-up classes
  • Online private community group

Tools Used In The Process

nervous system regulation


rapid eye technology

guided visualizations

inner child reparenting

parts therapy & techniques


TRE™ tension & trauma release exercises

neuro-linguistic programming

If you’d like to explore how these tools will help you heal in the Soul Collective, click the button below to speak with us to enroll now…


“I had done traditional talk therapy for years, which was helpful, and it felt like The Soul Collective took all the modalities and experience I had and allowed it to be a platform for massive growth. Instead of feeling reliant on these different external modalities and structures, I was aware of how I could become my own medicine. I was able to develop a trust in my body, my physical experiences, and sensations. To say it was liberating would be an understatement. Previously, my body was a chamber of confusing and complicated feedback. I viewed it as an enemy. I cannot thank you enough for the support and incredible education you gave me.”


Before The Soul Collective I was feeling hopeless, fatigued, stuck in my head, and so confused in many areas of my life. Now I’m able to access grace and trust in myself, and feel calmer and more centered day to day. The program doesn’t solve your problems for you or tell you what to do, it helps you get to a place where you feel empowered to move through them in a way that serves YOU.

One of my favorite things was how individualized it was. We didn’t just get info to read, we got specific support on what we were working through. Before signing up, I was concerned about spending money on something without a concrete return, but now I can see how misaligned that belief was because when you correct your career and life path, not only will your views around money change, but you may be able to make and accept more money over time. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get started.


Here’s What You Will Learn

The Soul Collective modules have been designed in a way that allows you to go from understanding and learning the tools to implementing it first with yourself and then in how you engage and relate to others and the world.

modules 1-4

foundations to transformation

In these modules you will uncover the personality patterns and survival strategies that formed to protect you as a child. Begin to implement the tools to cultivate safety in your body, regulate your nervous system, connect to your inner world, identify your desires, reprogram your subconscious mind and start to bring the TCS Method into practice.

modules 5-10

Relationship to self

In these modules, you will begin to deconstruct what you learned as a child about who you are, what you want, and how you ‘should’ be. Discover and reparent what you learned about self respect, self-esteem, needs and wants, values, boundaries, connection to self, and taking ownership of your inner world. You will then vision cast the life you desire using the TCS Vision casting tool.

modules 11-14

Relationship to others & the world

In these modules, you will begin to deconstruct what you learned as a child about how to show up and relate with others and with the world around you. Discover and reparent what you learned about what’s possible in relationships with others, setting boundaries, asking for what you need, conflict resolution, trusting others, vulnerability, responsibility, authority and leadership.

module 15


In this module, you will learn how to stabilize and integrate all the new desires and visions into your daily life. Starting with a guided completion meditation to fully put the past in the past. Then creating actionable steps in your relationship to yourself, others, and your finances. Feeling ready and resourced to expand and approach your life with the most powerful tool kit.

the soul collective | OUR signature INNER-HEALING PROGRAM

The Opportunity In Front Of You…

There’s a huge gap in the self-development space where programs provide a quick and surface level transformation but don’t work, don’t last, and don’t get to the root of what’s really going on. Or even worse…bypass the blocks just to get to the other side of love and light.

In this program, you have access to the support, structure, tools, and a trauma informed safe space to look at every area of your life. To become aware and take action.

What you have yet to experience is the opportunity to dive deeper into your learned patterns, unlearn what’s no longer working for you, build capacity in your nervous system to handle hard times, and live life according to your desires. That’s what Soul Collective is about.

I am here to support, guide and walk with you through the next season of your life and help you learn who you are so you can reclaim your power.


See if Soul Collective is right for you…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Soul Collective?

The Soul Collective is a 4-month group program for you to uncover what you learned in childhood that is limiting you and impacting how you love yourself and how you engage with others and the world. It’s an opportunity for you to unlearn what you learned, take your power back over your life, feel equipped to handle life powerfully.

How many times per year is the Soul Collective offered?

The Training Camp for the Soul™ Soul Collective is open enrollment all year long.

When are the group calls?

2hr Group Call w/Anat – Every Tuesday alternating every week between 10-12pm PST and 4-6pm PST. Breathwork 2 times a month – Last Sunday of the month @8-9am PST and 2nd Wednesday of the month @6-9pm PST. TRE class once a month 3rd Wednesday 5-6pm PST. There are also pop up classes. Replays are posted for all the calls.

How many hours per week can I expect to spend?

Putting the tools to practice can take you about three hours per week (including daily practices), plus the scheduled coaching calls. The more time and energy you invest in yourself, the more you will take away from the program.

Can I do this with a partner or a friend?

We do recommend doing the program with those closest to you if you’re both ready and committed. We do NOT recommend you “wait until your partner is ready” or “get them to do it so that they’ll finally see and fix their issues.” If you both want to do the program individually for yourselves, then do it together.

Is there 1-on-1 coaching available?

You will receive 1on1 support on the group calls. If you want more support, you can purchase private 1-on-1 90-min sessions with a TCS Master coach for $125/session.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, we have payment plans we also work with a funding company to help support you in getting the funds.

Will the Soul Collective work for me?

The Training Camp for the Soul™ Soul Collective process works for those that apply themselves 100%. The more energy, time, and attention you give to yourself in this program, the more you will get out of it. Lean on your peers, lean on your mentors, and you will see results.

What if I don’t want to share with the group?

You don’t have to share on the group calls, and the more you share and allow vulnerability, the more you will get out of the program. We are all under agreement to keep group conversations private, and we find that our participants have so much grace and space for each other and become family.

The Soul Collective is for coaches, healers and leaders who are serious about embodying the tools and skills to be a force for positive change. If this is you, click the button below to apply now…


Hear From Our Soul Collective Graduates